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The NAPPN Super Psychic RLSH team mission is to contribute to the global effort of preserving peace, love and harmony in humanity through spirituality, self-awareness, protection and serving humanitarian and  philanthropic efforts towards these causes. 

Throughout the years, the NAPPN team has donated thousands of dollars to domestic and international charitable organizations to assist in preserving quality of life during times of natural disasters and community crisis.  International psychic fairs have been coordinated to raise money to help provide for those in need. 

NAPPN Super Psychic RLSH, also continues selfless effort in dedicating hours of volunteer work towards fighting the evil that affects domestic and international communities of women, children and the worlds most vulnerable societies afflicted by war and poverty.

Online events are coordinated throughout the year to benefit the less fortunate.  NAPPN involves members of the entertainment industry and spiritual communities to contribute towards the common goal of social enrichment.

Please join us during our next live RLSH chat session to experience the NAPPN team of RLSH (Real Life Super Heroes) at work. 

Thank you.

Chickie Haute
Owner & Administrator
North American Psychic & Paranormal Network


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