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Experience Intuitive Life Coaching

Chickie Haute

Meet Coach Chickie Haute:
The internet's most innovative life coach!

  • Is your life overwhelming you?
  • Do you need to vent?
  • Are you at a crossroads without direction while dealing with life challenges?

Life Coach, Chickie Haute is available to help you with your problems.

* What is a life coach and what does a life coach do? *

A Life Coach is a non-credentialed consultant who takes an active, hands-on approach to helping people with their life, relationship, career, family, and finance issues, etc.

A Life Coach is not a psychologist, psychiatrist or social worker.

A perfect and simple solution for those who do not feel they need a psychiatrist or psychologist because their problems do not merit the costly services and extensive analytical process of a medical professional.

Many life coach regimens involve weekly meetings, journal-writing "homework" and defining goals.

Coaches tend to attract individuals who might normally be put off by the idea of therapy.

Areas of expertise:

  • Confidence building
  • Life adjustment
  • Parenting and family
  • Marital issues and relationships (hetero / gay / bi / poly / virtual / interracial / interfaith / cultural)
  • New relationships and dating
  • Business and inter-office problems
  • Career and employment advice
  • Dysfunctional thinking
  • Crisis intervention
  • Addictions (drugs, alcohol, internet, gambling, spending, etc)
  • Emotional resets
  • Creating permanent changes
  • Emotional transcending
  • Religion and faith / believe systems
  • Noetic / wellness sciences
  • Birth / death / grief
  • Trauma
  • Removing blocks and negative thinking / positivity training
  • Trust issues
  • Meditation / relaxation techniques to ease stress
  • Business practice
  • Happiness, health, abundance

Coach Chickie has and maintains the highest integrity. As your coach integrity must be real, genuine and constant. True and effective coaching will only occur when there is complete and deserved trust between you and your coach.

Coach Chickie has the ability to communicate her professional observations to you without any hint of expertise, or superiority. Once you're inner most and normally very guarded feelings are discovered, it is Coach Chickie's obligation to describe them to you in a very supportive and clear manner, without any hint of judgment.


28+ years of "life transition" work in social services in the areas of adult and child case management.

Coach Chickie has received experience and training from:

  • LaGuardia College, New York
  • Boston University, Massachusetts
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Massachusetts
  • Coachville, New Jersey
  • Foster Family-based Treatment Association, New York
  • New York State Office for the Aging and Long Term Care
  • Plummer Adolescent Home, Massachusetts
  • Society for Human Resource Management, Virginia
  • Hay Foundation, California
  • Institute for Noetic Science, California
  • Center for Non-Violent Communication, New Mexico
  • Church of Spiritual Humanism, Pennsylvania
  • Universal Life Church, California
  • National Alliance on Mental Illness, New Mexico

During Coach Chickie's career, she has provided guidance to:

  • United States, city and federal-government organizations / police departments / military
  • Doctors, lawyers, television producers, celebrities, musicians, comedians, actors & actresses
  • Executive officers of fortune 500 companies
  • Industry professionals in the healthcare industry
  • Provide intervention and guidance for families and love relationships
  • Provide office, business, career and financial guidance with more than 26+ years of business professional / executive / human resource and business incubator experience to back my knowledge.

**** Thank you to all the kind and generous clients who have engaged my services and left positive feedback! ****

Tom - "Wow, a lot of information was given and work to be done for me. Chickie is the best at what she does and demonstrates it every time. Thank you thank you thank you."

Spirit - "So right!!! Chickie nailed everything on the head!!!! She is truly a gift from the universe!!! This woman is the very best!!!

Pinkangel - "Enjoyed talking to her. She gave some great advice. I will listen and follow through. I'd definitely talk to again. Very straight & to the point done with compassion, not bluntness."

Melissa - "I don't always make the right decisions but I know I can count on her to guide me and give me the best advice I need to know in order to pull it through.. she's awesome! and I give her all stars because she's got an amazing gift"

Roses - "Very helpful...she is there to guide you and make you understand things when you feel low.. really liked all my sessions with her so far!"

Please give me a call and we will begin to enhance the quality of your life today!

Arrange a Call:

Chickie Haute
1-888-MY-ETHER ext. 05234736


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